2024 Week 5 Report

Originally, I was supposed to write and publish it yesterday, but because I was playing too much, I postponed it to today...


Most of the time, I am still working on my graduation project, step by step. If there is any foundational knowledge that needs to be supplemented, I will go to zlib to find electronic books to read.

I have applied for several online internships, hoping for success, and I have also shared the information about online internships with my friends. However, the content of the online internships is also related to my own graduation project, so the most urgent task is to do well in my graduation project.


This week, I also gained a new understanding in terms of socializing. I realized that I used to be too closed off, maybe just like many technical people, thinking that as long as my technical skills are good (although they are not good now...), I don't need to engage in a lot of useless socializing. But I am increasingly aware of the importance of collaboration and communication. The power of one person is still too weak. And I can't keep myself in a closed state, I need to open up. Also, I shouldn't be afraid of rejection.

I realized that I have always been in a failing state in terms of socializing. I couldn't sleep at night because of this, and I thought about it for a long time in bed. So let's start changing from now on!


Every few days, I see my niece and can feel her growth.


Finished reading "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future" and started reading "Corporate Finance" by Ross. It's completely like a textbook, it seems to be a reference book for some schools' postgraduate entrance exams, so I expect it will take a long time to read. However, friends who study economics recommended it, saying it's relatively easy to understand.


I have been playing League of Legends intermittently. The rewards for the pre-Chinese New Year event are quite generous. In addition, I want to enjoy the fun of gaming more without getting too addicted, so I am trying out the support role (originally AD). Playing supportfeels like playing heroes randomly doesn't matter I can try different heroes and roam around, unlike AD where I can only play a few heroes and stay in the bottom lane during the laning phase.

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