2024 Week 3 Report

Still picking up the weekly report... Let's record what happened in the past two weeks.


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Last Friday, six of us drove to Nanjing for a trip.
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On Friday night, we arrived in Bengbu, Anhui and stayed there for the night. We found a local restaurant with distinctive features. The owner, an enthusiastic lady, was very welcoming when she heard that we came from out of town specifically to eat at her restaurant. My extroverted brother-in-law said, "Compared to her, we all seem introverted." The dishes were mostly salty and spicy, probably a local specialty, but they were delicious and satisfying. I shared a double room with my brother for the first night, and we were a bit reserved. But later on, we became more relaxed. We played games in our room and then went to sleep. My brother is very handsome and he played the mobile game "King of Glory" with girls while I played "League of Legends: Wild Rift".

The next day, we set off after breakfast. We had a local specialty chicken soup noodles for breakfast. However, it was different from what we have here. We had a bowl of chicken soup and a bowl of noodles. I finished all the chicken soup, but only had a few bites of the noodles.

We arrived in Nanjing around one or two in the afternoon. We first went to the hotel to drop off our luggage. The hotel was near Xinjiekou. Then we walked to a local authentic salted duck restaurant recommended by my sister. However, there was a long queue, so we went to a nearby restaurant to have duck blood vermicelli soup instead. After finishing my meal, I took my niece to play outside while my brother-in-law (my niece's father) smoked across the street. When my niece saw him and was about to run over, a tricycle suddenly appeared. The tricycle driver seemed to be looking at his phone and almost hit my niece. He quickly hit the brakes, and I happened to be holding my niece, so we narrowly avoided the collision. Looking back, it still gives me chills.

Then we went to Zhanyuan and visited the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Museum and the gardens. We walked around, took some photos, and then left (most of the photos are with my sister, so I'll just share some random ones that don't show our faces).
After leaving Zhanyuan, we walked to Confucius Temple. It was very crowded. The taxi driver who took us to Zhanyuan told us not to buy anything at Confucius Temple, so we just walked around without buying anything. We originally wanted to take a sightseeing boat on the Qinhuai River, but there were too many people, so we gave up.

The next day, we went to Hongshan Zoo and saw many animals. However, my brother-in-law felt that it was not as good as the wildlife zoo they visited in Beijing. The food at the lunch place may not have been fresh, as my mom, niece, and I all had diarrhea that night and the next day. We spent the whole day at Hongshan Zoo. My sister bought a small panda plush toy for my niece, and she loved it and couldn't let go of it. But after three minutes, she got bored before we even left the zoo. That's how kids are...

On the third day, we went to Zhongshan Scenic Area and visited the temple and had vegetarian meals. The vegetarian meal was a bowl of noodles with a piece of vegetarian chicken. I thought it tasted good, but I got hungry quickly in the afternoon. Then we climbed the tower there. The tower was steep and scary because the ground on each floor was not level. It made people afraid to get close to the edge of the tower. There were nine floors in total, and it was tiring to climb up. Plus, I'm afraid of heights. After taking a few photos, my mom, sister, and I came down.
We also went to the Music Platform, where there were many pigeons and fountains that changed with the music. There were a lot of people, so we stayed for a while and then left. After that, we went to the nearby Zhongshan Mausoleum. The museum was closed that day, so we just walked up to the entrance and then came back down. That was the end of our trip today.
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On the fourth day, we went to a small museum in the morning (I forgot the name... It displayed items related to "Dream of the Red Chamber" and Cao Xueqin), and then we went to a bakery (my sister likes desserts, so she has a habit of trying out bakeries). After that, we had crab roe noodles for lunch. In the afternoon, we went to the Underwater World. The sea lion scared me when it suddenly startled me while swimming.
In the evening, we went to see the lantern festival, which was very beautiful.
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Our trip to Nanjing came to an end, and the next day we left Nanjing. We stayed in Hefei for one night, and my brother-in-law made plans to have dinner with his uncle, so my brother and I went along. Then we returned home and resumed our normal lives.


During this period, besides traveling, I have been busy with my graduation project. It's a bit overwhelming, but I'm slowly starting to figure things out. I still need to seek a deeper understanding and ask why. I'll provide more details about my thesis when it's almost done.
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Alcohol Allergy...#

It was my birthday these past two weeks, and I had two glasses of white wine during dinner... and the result...
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One thing worth mentioning is that I reached Master rank in League of Legends: Wild Rift, which made me quite happy. However, the ranking system is really frustrating, as I often get matched with teammates who are extremely bad. The new season introduced several new items, and the "Giant Slayer" item is particularly effective against tanky champions. The Dragon King was reworked, and a new mage champion, Syndra, was released. It is expected that two more assassin champions will be released for the jungle role. I feel that the survivability of AD (Attack Damage) champions has decreased, so I'm trying to adapt to the new patch. However, I'm busy with my thesis, so I probably won't spend too much time playing ranked games.


I finished reading "Left Ear Listens to the Wind: Legendary Programmer Leveling Guide" by Chen Hao, and now I'm reading "Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future".


I'm currently following "Furare Girl" and "Jujutsu Kaisen". I also plan to continue reading "Maze Age Z". But I haven't started it yet.

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