2023 Week 44 Report

This week is the first week back from my hometown, and my state has been fluctuating. There are still many things to do.

First, I completed the school homework experiment report after returning. Because it was boring, my efficiency was a bit low. Starting from Thursday, I made a To-do list for myself every day. Organizing notes and other tasks are just starting, so they take extra time. I often don't finish the plans I set for myself. Next week, I will lower my expectations and focus on important things first.

Currently, the more important things are the distributed systems course. I need to read papers, take notes on paper reading, and start working on the Lab. If I encounter problems during the Lab, I need to learn, mainly Go language. Another important thing is KubeEdge. I need to deploy it quickly, then look at the source code and make changes. I also need to supplement the official documentation because the documentation is too rudimentary. I need to persist in solving LeetCode problems every day.

I increasingly feel that basic courses must be learned well. If I have time, I also need to catch up on the operating systems course and Lab. I also need to read "TCP/IP Illustrated". There are too many things to learn.

This week, Mastodon migrated from the original to the big site (Duzhan). I can use many cute emojis now. I also made friends on Mastodon, which makes me happy!

I watched all the quarterfinals of League of Legends this week. I watched the last two games with English commentary. Most of the time, it seemed like I was listening to loneliness because the pace of speech was really fast. But this is something I must experience. Come on, TheShy, and WBG, just do your best.


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