2023 Week 46 Report

It's already Wednesday of Week 47 when I'm writing this weekly report.

This week, I was mainly busy with the proposal report. I was setting up the platform while reading papers and thinking about the proposal report. During this period, I wanted to use the translation plugin DeepL for translation. I discussed the reimbursement of the translation plugin with my advisor, and my advisor agreed, which I'm really thankful for. My advisor is truly a great person.

I registered for PyCon 2023. This time, I won't be participating as a volunteer, but as a scholar.

I discussed with a friend and decided to study the course MIT 6.824 together. The plan is to study together, organize materials, and take notes. We will explain what we have learned to each other (Feynman learning method). The first time we did this, the results were quite good, so we plan to continue doing it this way.

I struggled for a while and considering that there will be a lot of office needs like writing proposal reports in the future, I decided to switch back to Windows for the operating system. So, I spent almost a day on Saturday tinkering with it and in the evening, I downloaded League of Legends (LOL) and played with my roommate.

This weekend is the finals of LOL. WBG lost, and I felt a bit disappointed that day, but it's okay as long as I did my best.

After Saturday, I spent a lot of time configuring various environments. On Monday afternoon, I learned that my grandfather passed away, so I bought a high-speed train ticket to go back to my hometown. It's only today that I finally feel a bit free, so I found a room, turned on the computer, and caught up on last week's weekly report. After finishing the report, I will also catch up on my notes. Then, whenever I have time, I will slowly continue with my learning plan.

Next week's weekly report will definitely be brief because it seems like I won't be able to do much. So, see you next week @_@

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