2024 Week 4 Report

This week has been calm and peaceful, so I'll record what happened this week.

Final Project#

Still working on my final project, taking small steps slowly. Almost every small step I take, a problem arises... Once it's almost done, I might write a detailed blog post about it.

During this period, due to a lack of basic knowledge, I also looked into the basics of Docker and Kubernetes. After finishing, I came back to the project and realized that I understood certain parts better. It's not necessary to delve too deep into things, as it will only waste more time. I've learned this the hard way, but fortunately, I've finally learned my lesson.

Monster Paradise#

Upon a friend's recommendation, I tried a popular game called Monster Paradise, and it's really fun and addictive. Searching for giant monster eggs, battling tower bosses, and playing online with friends. In just two or three days, I played for sixteen hours. However, because it was too addictive and time-consuming, I decided to stop playing. When I'm not playing the game, I still think about whether I should relocate my base or catch powerful monsters. But considering the amount of time it would take, I decided not to play and avoid the hassle.

Arch Linux#

After careful consideration, I decided to go back to using Linux (ideals are beautiful... I don't know if I'll be discouraged by bugs again, like last time...), so I reinstalled Arch. I started the installation on Sunday, so I've only done some basic configurations for now.

The plan is to use TeamViewer to work on tasks like using Word on the Windows Server in the lab. I briefly connected, but I'm not sure if the remote connection will frequently drop after a long time (I used to experience frequent disconnections on Ubuntu...).

This time, I'll read the documentation more carefully.
Pasted image 20240129114103


Pasted image 20240129115015

I wasted quite a bit of time this week, but I'm already adjusting my own state.

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